[News] Pre-alpha information


Temporary betting system: in this new system, players will be required to purchase token $TAG in our Dex Metalon Metal Box's website, at a set price of 0.05$ but there is a possibility that it will be increased in the future at a price of 0.10$, the minimum to be able to participate is 50 $TAG equivalent 5 USD in BNB, a reward pool will be created, where all funds will be collected exclusively for this game mode.

Note: the price of the token may vary in the future, and will depend on the market situation.

Gameplay: Before each battle there will be a pairing in which a dialog box will appear showing the current bid, the player must match the bid with the same amount of $TAG of his opponent, it can be neither more nor less, at the end of the bout, the winner will receive the 90% of the tokens staked in play, and the loser as compensation for his participation will get 10%, the tokens can be accumulated in the token inventory and then transferred to the user panel of our website.

Withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal condition must be greater than 300 $TAG and initially a function will be performed in the user panel, where a ticket will be generated that must be used and claimed in our discord in the payments and claims section, within 3 working days the funds equivalent to the conversion of 0.05$ and the 20% withdrawal fee will be deducted.

Note: This method will be done on an interim basis until automatic withdrawal has been implemented.

Important: during pre-alpha, the following will not be used NFT by the moment, but new equipment will be introduced as the weeks go by and will be randomly displayed during each combat. As an exhibition and once the NFT system has been implemented in the game we will proceed to advance to Alpha State.