[News] Compensations and gifts


Users who have purchased token $TAG at earlier dates, they will be given tokens of gobernanCE equivalent to 30% of your purchase but when the contract has been implemented, as well as will maintain the current tokens and they will be issued with Boxes with rarities based on your purchase, after the implementation of the marketplace and the completed game may dispose of the NFT to be sold in stable currency or held for use.

Note: Due to the time elapsed, no refunds will be made, that is why we will compensate with the items mentioned in the previous point.

Important:The transition from $TAG token to $EOM token will be done in an orderly manner starting from the purchase of previous dates and not current, so no transfer will be made to users who buy at present as purchases are exclusively for use of the betting system and will remain in this form as a private purchase of tokens, once exchanged the $TAG by BNB will proceed to burn those who have, this will be done to prevent abuse.