[News] Important changes in the game economy.


The $RUST token will be removed and will be replaced by the token $TAG which will be globalized in such a way that its uses will be for almost every type of operation and game modality, allowing its massive burning.

The $TAG token will not be listed on any exchange, but will be kept in circulation on the Binance blockchain. as it can only be obtained by buying it from a standard fixed priceon our website through the Dex Metal. The purpose of this decision is that having analyzed and simulated in different scenarios, they always end up in the same thing, in a total bleeding of the economy, so in conclusion to prevent this impending disaster, the wisest and most sensible thing to do is simply not to list it in any exchange but to give it mandatory and exclusive use within our different game modes.

It is important to mention that the token $TAG will be totally mandatory to be able to choose professions, craft, collect, fight in gambles and obtain basic cosmetics that help strengthen the users' account, but every action around the buying and selling of objects NFT will be influenced by the acquisition of assets in stable coins as BNB, BUSD or USDT, i.e. the form of remuneration will be through the supply and demand for NFTs in the marketplace and the wagering system in principle.

$EOM Governance Token, will be maintained and listed in the future, it will function as an exclusive token which will have several specific uses necessary to access the best of the best, but its way of obtaining it is much more exclusive, since only the most competitive users will be able to obtain it through the ranking position during each tournament of each season as well as specific events.


Metal Box will revolve around the betting system during each fight, but it will also have a free to play mode in which you can fight in the PVE with non-NFT objects and their progression will depend on how much you dedicate to fulfill the daily and weekly missions, they will have a great difficulty but their rewards will be interesting since it will give users the possibility to monetize with the tradable objects that they manage to obtain and if the user is very lucky they may obtain NFT objects that can be used or traded.

For advanced users with sufficient economic resources, the Create to Earn mode will be available, in it they will be able to choose 2 different professions which will consist of game forms, the Engineer will be allowed to manufacture NFT objects by meeting certain requirements and among them must have $TAG, while on the other hand is the Collector which will be responsible for obtaining essential objects for the manufacture of NFT. this information can be read in more detail in our metalpaper.


Our marketplace will work mainly in Stable Currencies, BUSD, USDT or BNB and will have different sections as well as a filter which will limit users to a minimum suggested price.

The first and main section will allow users to trade NFT equipment items that have been acquired through the purchase of Metal Boxes, Manufacturing or items obtained in PvE in Free to play mode.

The second section is where you will find all the non-NFT objects obtained in the collection mode, PvE and Farming Boxes. Likewise, these objects, even if they are not NFT, can be traded in the marketplace with stable currencies at very cheap suggested prices to avoid future inflation.

Third section, here you will find the work tools of each profession that will be mandatory, this part of the marketplace will be the only one that will be established with fixed prices in $TAG.

Fourth section, Metal Shop, is where all the Boxes, cosmetics, skins, pets, announcers, rental and sale of gyms, inventory expansions, combat boosters, etc. will be for sale and will be composed by stable coin prices and $TAG.