Welcome to Metal Box

Metal Box is a sci-fi NFT game that integrates multiple forms of gameplay based on blockchain technology into a single project with the addition of an international sport like boxing, the following categories of gameplay can be distinguished.

• The main modes are PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. environment) confrontations.
• Systems of navigation, collection and mining of raw materials.
• Processes of creation or minting of tools and equipment needed in specific areas for each game mode.
• Management of purchases, sales and auctions of all the productions in the Marketplace (tools, minerals, elaborated equipment).
• Betting system for fights, tournaments or events for spectators and players.

The Play-to-Earn systems guarantee a structure where the player must have skills and abilities to be able to face the various obstacles that may arise in the game modes.

By entering the 1vs1 fight modes, doing the daily missions or mini-games, standing out in the group of the best 100 in the seasonal qualifiers and being able to participate in the leagues or competitions that take place, only the good use and performance of your character will establish a return on the investment in the game.

In addition to that, there are the modes where a good resource management must be applied when mining or creating NFTs, another one which is the betting system to predict the victories or defeats of each combat, the option to enable the token stake system to generate passive earnings and last but not least, the scholarship platform where a Coaching system will be implemented for all P2E modes, in this way users have an option with which they can grow the community and generate profitability by helping others.


  • Category : Third Person Combat
  • Requirements : Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, VR
  • Multiplayer : Matchmaking.
  • Visual Effects : 3D and VR

Our game platforms will be designed to play in multiple environments, with different graphics and resolutions, with this we guarantee greater compatibility on different devices through a friendly and intuitive interface.

General History

Metal Box will start our metaverse, offering an enriching experience and interesting story, throwing data and key pieces for future titles within the same universe, its main theme of post-apocalyptic characteristics and will have an intertwined and enigmatic lore that takes place in an exoplanet called Rhudonia, and its inhabitants will play a fundamental role in all this framework full of interesting events.