Our History

The Concept of Metal Box, was born from a reference, to be more specific of Japanese Animated Series of Mechas and combats where the use of exoskeletons is common and applied in various sub-genres, that is why we have dared to adopt the idea of use of this technology as a reference for a video game, but this was not enough, since we did not want to simply make a copy of something existing, we had to innovate, work much more on the idea and customize it to our objectives, it is worth mentioning that at first only It was a simple idea, for a mainstream game, but with the arrival of the new wave of fame NFT'S games gave us the boost we needed to further develop this great project.

In consequence of the above, we have been making alliances with key people who were able to contribute labor for development, we did not want a game like the ones that currently exist, we needed to innovate with something that does not yet exist in the market, games in 2D with basic and simple mechanics, with absurd returns on investment, and with useful life periods of little more than 6 months, it is not something we wanted either, we had to deliver something more interesting, more durable, with a more diverse market niche and that was engaging and fun.

Thus Metal Box was born, as a fresh, innovative and different NFT Boxing game, although we are still in development phases, the vision is clear and the mission is even more so, we are dedicating ourselves to deliver a Game to our community AAA, Play to Earn, that is profitable, fun and competitive, that can promote sportsmanship and physical training through a Virtual Reality system, who does not like a fighting game and that through it you can obtain passive income and assets ?, that's what we raised with the Metal Box project and other possible titles within our metaverse.


Provide the best NFT games on the market, manufactured from scratch and with high quality, as well as providing one of the best economic systems today, which guarantees good profitability over time, both in the short, medium and long term through of the Play-to-Earn system, without neglecting the visual quality and playability of our product.


To be one of the main references in NFTs video games on the market, providing the best economic P2E systems for our community as well as creating our own Metaverse and being able to interact with others and their ecosystems, build multiple titles oriented to our same universe, provide economic stability to our users through the Play-to-Earn system, create foundations and grant systems for those most in need, promote events and conventions for the presentation of our project to a more specific audience, distribute books about the Lore of our planet Rhudonia and that this history is intertwined with our games.


Our development team has qualified professionals, each specialist in their respective area of work. We are very committed to our work and we make sure that we can generate good feedback with our community.

Ing. Josué Garcia

CEO & Founder - Game Director

Marcos Somaza

Co-Founder & Development Analyst

Danilo Giardina

Project Manager (CCO)

Hernán Catanzaro

Game Developer

Manuel Moreno

Generelist 3D Modeler & Concept Artist

Alexis Mendoza

Generelist 3D Modeler

Jesús Ferrer

Lead Illustrator & Concept Artist

Jesús Machado

Advertising Artist